2H+ Creative Production - Indonesia
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2H+ is a multidisciplinary group of talented creative minds, sharing high level of passion and
dedication for commercial photography.


In 2H+, we believe that photography is more than what meets the eye. With expertise across disciplines, we produce visuals that convey intriguing stories. Providing a broad range of services, 2H+ is a one-stop solution for all commercial photography and production needs.


Equipped with talented photographers and high-end gears, 2H+ caters to any commercial photography services, ranging from fashion, beauty, food, to automotive. Be it talent or product shoot, indoor or outdoor, we are up for any task.


‘Be there and look around’ is how we describe the 360 experience. 360 panorama combines still photographs of every angle to create 360 degrees view. It’s perfect for depicting landscapes, as well as interiors for automotive and hospitality.


Eager to experiment, 2H+ also produces cinemagraph that can be used to elevate fashion, landscape or lifestyle photography. In a GIF format, it combines minor repeated yet smooth movements into a static image, creating a living photograph.


Consists of producers, account executive, prop master, wardrobe stylist, and talent division, our production team is a complete package. With solid communication and teamwork, we always go the extra mile to deliver full-service solutions.


Our digital imaging division is dedicated in perfecting every image to the highest standards. With a team skilled in all technical and creative DI specifications, we don’t only deliver quality but also quantity, even in tight deadlines.


Things that are impossible to shoot can be made possible by combining photography and CGI. With 3D computer graphics, we can add realistic rendering of environments, products, or even small elements like a splash of water.